Eco Responsability

In France, surfaces dedicated to Events represent more than 2 millions meters squares. Taking into consideration this number for just one activity, it would be absurd to deny the significant influence, which it can have on the Environment. Built at times when there were not the same stakes, buildings and infrastructures often are not entirely adapted to the ecological concerns. However, it is possible to improve their environmental qualities while using clever ideas. You will find below in bold our actions carried out in 2020 !

These “sustainable” equipments thus make it possible to preserve the cultural heritage of the building, while contributing to the economy of precious resources, such as water or energy. The Congress Centre Bordeaux Palais de la Bourse therefore wishes to show exemplarity by not occulting the consequences of its activities: progress should rhyme with responsibility. Our company thus decided to start since the launch of the congress center its durable development strategy by adopting several behaviors such as:

• the optimal management of the energy resources in the entire building:
by keeping the purpose of using progressively only LED lights. After changing bulbs in our Atrium in 2018, then in both historical rooms and Garonne Foyers in 2019, it’s time in 2020 for our Monumental staircase to modernize its electrical installation, which will allow a better lighting solution with a reasoned consumption !
-by improving the insulation of every windows year by year,
-by using an air/water heat pump which absorbs calories of the outside air for both heating and hot water supply.

• giving a sense of responsibility to every internal and external collaborator:
-by suggesting in-house collaborators to limit their consumable purchases,
– by favoring the Green suppliers daily : our partners for our coffee breaks are located in our district, they deliver their products (both organic AND equitable) by foot or bike ! According to our needs to provide water to our clients, we work to limit the use of « new » plastic. We are in the process to find plastic bottles from recycling plastic process only, in a short channel distribution.
– by implementing energy control tools allowing a regular consumption analysis.

• the wish to limit the production of waste:
– by re-using as often possible any furniture such as fitted carpet, tissues, wooden structures… brought by partners within the day-to-day activity,
– by launching collect of used batteries, glass bottles and plastic and cork caps for Green and charity funding,
– by distributing a recycling garbage to each collaborator.
-by using for plant watering, the water not drunk by our customers; water that was thrown before

• the wish to save our energy consumption
-by implementing the selective sorting in all of our garbage cans. We are now in the process of negotiating with our provider to add a plastic collect bin, which has yet never been provided.
by implementing the recycling process of 100% of our plastic bottles through the local “Yoyo” platform ; following first successes of the starting collaboration in 2019, we added « Yoyo » in our official partners book in early 2020. The aim is to promote not only its first action (Sorting plastic bottles and recycling them through a local process) but also its meaningful action to explain & communicate the sense of the approach live during the event .

-by applying a more rigorous management of our air conditioners during the quietest weeks of the summer and made the same during winter 2020 with our heating strategy.

• Wiling to let social and associative local actors benefit of furniture unused
-by implementing some partnership with several local organizations, like L’Atelier Remuménage & l’atelier Déco Solidaire
-by allowing the reuse or the transformation of furnitures such as tables, chairs, trolleys and audio-visual material that we no longer needed.