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Since nowadays events refer more and more to the digital and numeric, we needed to let our clients benefit from the best possible interaction between the event actors, whatever the support used (computers, tablets, smartphones, catchboxes and other voting pads solutions).

Because a broadband Internet connection became essential for many events, the Palais de la Bourse Bordeaux now proposes two Internet solutions:

– An improved access to our Wifi Internet Hotspot. Still free and open to all, we boosted it in 2019, thanks to the expertise of the Axians company. Thus, the number of wifi acess point has been increased, but we also optimized their location and balanced the  frequency bands coverage for a better repartition of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

– A new Fiber optic package starting from 2020, with a partnership with the efficient DWAM Events company, recognized in Bordeaux for its experstise in the creation of dedicated network access for events. Both simpler and faster than in the past, the service is meant to be personalized for each project. The bandwidth (up and down) is tailored to your needs and the covering area adjusted to the spreading of your event, on one or several out of our 5 spaces.

This technology offers symmetrical access, with minimum guaranteed connectivity, low latency and significant stability.

The expertise of DWAM Events will allow you to create one or more simultaneous secure networks, with wired and / or wifi set-up, with/out captive portal. You will be invited to choose any set-up specifications from SSID name, firewall policy to any  restrictions you want to open or close in the LAN.

Sensitive to this interactive trend in event, we will be pleased to assist you in your projects with simple Internet solutions furnitures but also implementation of any digital project, such as for example an online live enriched broadcast of your event. The goal? Being able to provoke your clients engagement beyond their physical presence onsite !

Forum Smart City – Bordeaux Palais de la Bourse, le 03/04/2015

Palais de la Bourse Social Responsability


This year at the Palais de la Bourse, our “CSR” (Corporate Social Responsibility) is still deployed around our environmental concerns (reduce our waste production, save our energy consumption) but also our desire to let social and associative local actors benefit of furniture unused for some years.

On the ecological aspect, we are happy to have put in place since January 2019:

> the selective sorting in all (finally!) of our garbage cans,

> the recycling of 100% of our plastic bottles via the local
yoyo platform, in collaboration with the Conciergerie Solidaire .

> the use for watering of water not drunk by our customers, water that was thrown before

> a more rigorous management of our air conditioners during the quietest weeks of the summer.

On the social aspect, it was with the help of several local organizations (L’Atelier Remuménage & l’atelier Déco Solidaire ) that we were able to donate several furnitures such as tables, chairs, trolleys and audio-visual material that we no longer needed.

Rather than throw, these elements delighted the interlocutors we’ve been in touch with; some tables and chairs will be reused as they are, others will be transformed, recycled and will continue their lives in other forms!

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